4th Anti-prison Days – presentations and discussions description

Read here to get more info about the presentations and discussions during 4th Warsaw Anti-prison Days

All meetings and discussions will be translated to English.

Friday 27th of October

7 pm / Cafe Kryzys / PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION: Roszke11 – prisons in the context of migration (Hungary)

In September 2015, 11 people were arrested at the border between Serbia and Hungary. Just the act of crossing borders was enough to accuse some of them of terrorism. During the meeting we will talk more about the situation of the so called Roszke11 in the broader context of everyday migrant struggles at the eurpean borders.

Saturday 28th of October

3 pm / Cafe Kryzys / DISCUSSION: Why are we against prisons?

Institution of prison is one of the strongest means that goverments use against people. Prisons serve to scare, isolate and exploit, their role is to make society obedient and accept the rules and values imposed by the ruling class. Still many people can’t imagine a world without prisons or alternatives to the prison system even within left wing or freedom movements

Join us for a discussion opening the 4th Anti-prison Days. Why are we against prisons? Why is this system not working and have no chance to provide a real social justice? Why every prisoner is political? We will talk about that and many other topics on friday 27th october at 6 p.m. in Cafe Kryzys.

5 pm / Cafe Kryzys / Operation Fenix – Did we win? (Czech republic)

The headlines writes about a new terrorist threat in the country. In the TV we can see reports about the anarchists with the videos of Daesh training in the background. Anarchist and terrorist became synonimum. That was april 2015. This September the city court in Prague dropped the terrorist charges in Fenix 1. This happened just some months after Igor Shevcov was found completely innocent in all cases and apologized by the Czech state. What the persecuted comrades went through and what we experienced as an antiauthoritarian movement? Do we live in more just country now or there are other hidden aims of the biggest repressive operation since 1989? What have changed and what’s can we expect?

Come and join a discussion with ABC fellows coming from Prague. In this reflection of past 2,5 years we would like to share the most essential mistakes and talk about how to prevent an entrapment by police agents without falling into the trap of paranoia and what solidarity could look like in these days.

Sunday 29th of October

2 pm / Przychodnia Squat / Meeting with artists from Anti-prison exhibiotion of modern art

During the discussion with artists, who organized and participated in art workshops with prisoners, we will talk about the functioning of european and polish NGOs specialized in resocialization. What kind of long-term impact on prisoners lives have their existence and proposed projects? The artists will talk about their experiences during the workshops, which resulted in exhibition that you can see during the weekend in Wolno Gallery.

Discussion participants:
Piotr Grabowski, Zuzanna Janin, Sebastian Krok, Jacek Malinowski, Jacek Markiewicz, Katya Shadkovska, Olga Winiarczyk, Stachu Szumski and others.

4 pm / Przychodnia Skłot / PRESENTATIONStruggle and repressions in modern day Belarus (Belarus)

Belarus is governed for last 24 years by dictator Lukashenko, who is trying to maintain his power by all means necessary. Starting with disappearance of political opponents in 90s and ending up with constant arrests of oppositional politicians and anarchists this days.

During his rule police managed to crash a lot of different political organizations, but anarchists are not giving up. After protests in March there was huge focus on the anarchist movement from mainstream opposition and independent media. For regime this couldn’t be left like that. In last months police have mobilized to repress known activists through different means.

6 pm / Przychodnia Skłot /  anti-prison movie screening – ‘Better this World’

discussion after the movie